Monday, May 29, 2017

"Return to Amish" Catch-Up: Mary Throws a Baby Shower for Sabrina // Real Life "Amish" Update: Sabrina Burkholder Arrested/Pleads Guilty to New Drug Charges

I continue to find myself sucked into the current season of TLC's "Return to Amish." The stuff featuring Abe & Rebecca and Jeremiah & Carmela are definitely interesting -- particularly the scenes that focus on Abe's mother, Mary. But I'm all about Sabrina, who is largely on her own battling for parental rights over her unborn daughter.

For whatever reason, TLC hasn't posted last night's episode on iTunes yet. But this gives me the opportunity to talk about last week's episode.

Sabrina just lost parental rights for her older daughter -- reportedly for allowing unsupervised contact with the child's father, which very well might be the entire story. Most likely, she continues to struggle with addiction and interact with other know addicts as well. Anyway, Sabrina is doing her best to arrange for her Mennonite parents to become guardians for her unborn daughter, knowing that CYS will act quickly to place the child into foster care once she is born.

Mary decides to rally the rest of the "family" around Sabrina in last week's episode and organizes a baby shower. Of course, Kate quit the show and Abe/Rebecca have gone all Amish on Sabrina and shunned her from their lives. So the baby shower ends up consisting Mary, Jeremiah/Carmela, and Lizzie & Haj from "Breaking Amish: LA" -- plus a handful of stragglers.

Sadly, Sabrina goes into labor nearly one month early, which messes up the timelines for her parents to get ready and apply for guardianship. The state ends up placing the baby in foster care and the episode ends with Sabrina going to court in a last-ditch effort to maintain parental rights for her baby. I have an idea about where this is heading, but I haven't yet actually seen last night's episode.

I have no clue where things might be heading with Sabrina, but I do know that she hasn't had her older daughter for nearly a year and she hasn't had her baby since late November. It's possible that she's had visits, but my impression is that he hasn't had any physical contact with the girls outside of a few letters.

I just learned from tabloid news that Sabrina was recently arrested on 05/11/17 following an 04/23/17 incident. She was on probation at the time and ended up getting charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance, Driving an Unregistered Vehicle, and Use/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Sabrina ended up pleading guilty to all three charges. She is now out of jail.


Shaci said...

Poor Sabrina, she looks so broken, I just wish I could give the poor girl a hug.

Jon said...

Totally agreed!