Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Speed Demons Across Iowa!

Iowa was full of speed demons this morning. If by "full," one means three drivers drove really fast on our highways this week!

First is Mason City, somebody was clocked at 117 MPH. He or she was reportedly late for work yesterday and got pulled over by the Iowa State Patrol.

The officer took a moment from issuing a speeding ticket to post the moment on Facebook and remind "drivers to obey all posted speed limits." This person face

And then today, the Iowa State Patrol reported via Facebook that they pulled over a driver near Denison, IA, who was traveling at 124 MPH. It seems that the driver was running late this weekend for a graduation party and ended up receiving a $424.50 speeding citation.

But the prize goes to this person over near Stockton, IA, where this driver got caught driving last week at 144 MPH (!!) on Interstate 80 in the middle of the night. According to the media, this driver should have received a $559.50 speeding citation and a possible licenses suspension.

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