Wednesday, May 31, 2017

TLC Debuts "Big & Little" Tonight About Obese Little People

There's a new show debuting on TLC tonight called "Big & Little." It's about little people who are obese and who need assistance because of their unique needs.

Case in point: Chuck is a 31-year-old guy who weights 164 lbs. Most of us would love that. Except that Chuck is only 3'6' tall, so this weight is way more than his body can handle. At his current height and weight, Chuck is currently wider than he is tall. His back hurts. His knees hurt. It's a challenge to walk down the hallway, much less dress himself. He's socially isolated and has very little to look forward to in his life.

"Big & Little" will follow Chuck's life and the life of another little person as they reverse their weight gains and get back into a healthy way of living.

I'm pretty interested in this show and plan to watch it. You can catch Chuck's clip here.

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