Thursday, June 22, 2017

Gallup: 10.2% of LGBT Adults Are In Gay Marriages

Gallup did a poll of LGBT Adults in preparation for the 2 year anniversary of the Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court decision that effectively legalized same-sex marriage nationwide. According to Gallup, 10.2% of LGBT Adults are married to same-sex spouses. That's up from 9.6% last year. 6.6% of LGBT Adults are living with same-sex partners. 55.7% of us are single or never married. 4.2% of us are living with a opposite-sex partner and 13.1% of us are married to opposite-sex spouses. 5.4% of us are divorced and 2.1% of us are separated. And 2.2% of us are widowed.

Gallup made a huge deal about the decline in domestic partnerships. According to their polls, 61% of cohabiting LGBT Adults are now married, compared to 38% two years ago. Meanwhile, only 39% of cohabiting LGBT Adults are domestic partners, compared to 62% two years ago. In other words, the script flipped. Probably because we can actually get married now nationwide versus two years ago.

Gallup also noted that LGBT Adults are more likely to be married if we're men (11.4%, compared to 9.3% women) or if we're 50 years and older (18.1%, compared to 3.3% if you're 18-29 years old or 14.4% if you're 30-49 years old).

Check out the full stats here.

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