Sunday, June 11, 2017

Ryan Buell Streams from Rehab

I've heard that substance abuse rehab residential programs are pretty boring places to be over the weekends. That's when the primary treatment workers are away and the residents have a couple of days to do pretty much nothing. With that in mind, Ryan Buell -- who's currently in rehab at an undisclosed location -- spent some of this weekend on an impromptu Facebook Live session yesterday afternoon.

I'm actually surprised that he's allowed to do Facebook Live sessions at this residential program. Granted, he didn't reveal where he's at. But one of his fellow residents showed up briefly on-screen and we heard his name. I know that some programs and hospitals would come down on his like a ton of bricks if they found out that something like this happened. Maybe this program is different.

Ryan spent most of the Facebook Live session talking about being sober and feeling optimistic about the future. He talked for a bit about the 10-step programs. He referenced several mentors at the facility and also said that he had to give a speech on Friday for the other residents.

He was asked if he would be returning to the paranormal field and, to his credit, Ryan skirted around the issue by admitting that he's still trying to figure out how to move forward with his life. The truth is that he needs to rebuild his reputation and repay the fans who feel scammed by him in the past. Any time that he appears on social media, he gets hounded by former fans who sent him money for events that he skipped out of or for memorabilia that he never sent. This is something that he needs to resolve before he attempts to return to the paranormal field on a professional basis.

Lastly, Ryan is looking so much better right now that he did the last two times that we saw him (here and here). That's a really good sign that he's healing. Let's hope that it lasts!

You can watch the entire chat session here.

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