Saturday, June 3, 2017

"The Guardians" Team Up to Help a Homeless Vet and His Two Poodles!

I discovered a new(ish) reality television program from Animal Planet called "Guardians." The show actually debuted earlier this year, but I just discovered it. The Guardians of Rescue are a handful of animal rescuers who run around saving animals in ways that others can't. Or something like that.

I ended up watching the third episode of the program earlier this evening, titled "Stakeout." The portion of the episode that grabbed my attention focused on two of the rescuers, former cop Brian and former soldier Amanda, learning of a homeless man who was sleeping in a car with his two poodles. Amanda was initially upset when she learned of this situation, because the homeless guy dragged the dogs into his poverty: "It's really unfortunate for someone to be living out of their car, and I truly feel bad for them. but if they don't have the means necessary to take care of themselves, they're making their animal suffer unnecessarily."

Fortunately, the homeless guy -- who was sleeping soundly in his car with his two poodles -- was already fully miked when the Guardians arrived. Brian and Amanda learned that he is a Navy veteran who got kicked out of his home and now couldn't find an apartment that would accept both of his poodles. They bonded with him over their shared veteran statuses and decided to help the guy get out of his car and into a new home.

Keep in mind that these poodles are absolutely adorable -- so I'm willing to forgive the show for giving this guy for being a homeless vet living in a car with two dogs when they wouldn't give him a pass if he was just some homeless guy living in a car with two dogs. Then again, I'm all about this homeless guy because his dogs are poodles as opposed to some other breed, so who am I to judge? The poodles are Princess Arielle and Amazing Grace and they are both too cute for their own good!

They end up upgrading a donated RV camper for the vet to move into with his dogs until something more permanent was secured. Which is a great idea, except that he still needs help finding places to park his new camper. But it's great the he and his poodles have a bed again and it gives him some time to search for a more permanent housing solution, so I can't fault the program too much!

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