Sunday, July 30, 2017

Bobby Drake Comes Out in Group Text in ICEMAN #3

A few years ago, Marvel Comics brought the original five X-Men from the past as a bunch of newbie teen heroes and permanently stuck them in the present alongside the current batch of X-Men. A few years later, Marvel Comics had young Iceman come out as a gay teen. Which begged the question: What about the adult Iceman who hadn't come out of the closet? I liked the idea of young Iceman as gay/older Iceman as not gay, but he was also eventually dragged out of the closet a few months later.

Since then, the older Iceman has been busy protecting the planet and trying not to die from the Terrigen Mists that poisoned the air. But now that the Terrigen Mist issue has been resolved, older Iceman has been given his old solo book and some breathing room to reconnect with his family and to figure out what it means to be a gay mutant in a world where your younger temporal clone is more together that you are.

In ICEMAN #3, Bobby plans to spend dinner with his parents, neither of whom are terribly happy about having a mutant son -- much less one who is pretty much out to the world. He still hasn't come out to his parents as gay, but pretty much everyone else is finding out.

Last issue, he realized that he hadn't yet come out to Kitty Pryde until she confronted him about it. Which wouldn't be such a big deal, but they were dating in the not-so-distant past. Which is probably why Bobby finally decided to come out to all of his super-friends and ex-girlfriends in one massive group text:

Which prompted several responses -- some by ex-girlfriends, some by inactive X-Men, and a few by non-X-people:

Which reminds me... Doesn't Spider-Man have a secret identify again? How secret is it when people like Iceman have his cell phone number?

Still, it's good to see that Northstar (AKA Jean Paul) wasn't killed by the Terrigen Mists. I've actually been a bit worried about this. Now, if we could only get him back with the X-Men again...

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