Thursday, July 6, 2017

Coming in October 2017: HARLEY & IVY MEET BETTY & VERONICA

Archie Comcis and DC announced a new six-issue comic book crossover mini-series: HARLEY & IVY MEET BETTY & VERONICA:
The series will be co-written by Marc Andreyko and Paul Dini, with art from Laura Braga. Dini originally created Harley Quinn on Batman: The Animated Series, the show that also established the character’s flirty friendship with Poison Ivy. The new series will find them pitting their girl power against Riverdale’s most famous pair. When a proposal emerges to drain the wetlands between Gotham and Riverdale, Ivy sticks up for her beloved fauna by enlisting Harley to kidnap valuable heiress Veronica Lodge and her best friend, Betty. Chaos, you may assume, ensues.
You know me. I'm a huge fan of Archie Comics. I've enjoyed the new look. I've loved Archie Horror. I've danced with joy when they teamed the Riverdale Gang with the Ramones (and Predator and Sharknado, etc...).

But I'm not looking forward to this crossover. I know that people love Harley Quinn. I just shrug.

HARLEY & IVY MEET BETTY & VERONICA is scheduled to premier on 10/04/17.

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