Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Independence Day! // Remembering Dragnet's "The Big Trio!"

Happy Independence Day! 

I won't be spending too much time with the blog today, but wanted to share a July 4th story from the old "Dragnet" radio drama. This particular episode is titled "The Big Trio" and is premiered back on July 3rd, 1952.

In the story, Detective Sergeant Joe Friday is assigned to traffic detail during the Fourth of July weekend. "The Big Trio" features three weekend tragedies. One involves a teen who ended up in the hospital after leading the police in a high-speed race through Los Angeles. Another involves a supposed drunken hit-and-run victim. The third involves a careless driver who inadvertently crashes into a police officer, killing the man. Friday is then tasked with breaking the news to the officer's fiancee.

You can listen to the entire story here.

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