Sunday, July 30, 2017

Muscatine, IA: Mayor Diana Broderson Announced Run of Re-Election

I've been writing all year about the Muscatine City Council's efforts to impeach Mayor Diana Broderson. You can read all about it here, but there is the nutshell. They and the city manager and the city attorney accused her of bad stuff, including wasting city money, hosting "Coffee with the Mayor" chats, and speaking with city employees. They led a hearing against her. And then they voted to impeach her. She took them to court and quickly got reinstated a mayor of Muscatine. That court case is still in the works, but the judge hasn't been too sympathetic so far towards the City Council. Meanwhile, the Muscatine City Council has spent roughly $107,500 (since the beginning of July) over the past six months on this impeachment effort.

Yesterday, Diana Broderson announced officially that she is running for re-election. She discussed her re-election plans at one of her Coffee with the Mayor events. She stated that she doesn't plan to do much differently if she gets re-elected. However, she pledged to host even more Coffee with the Mayor events during her next term.

Which should really piss of the City Council.

I've stated this before. It appears from what I've read that Broderson made some really big rookie moves during her first term as mayor. But it also appears that the city manager and the city council did everything they could to allienate her from the city's leadership and staff and then they overreached by staging this spring's impeachment hearing. They've essentially galvanized the community around Broderson and done their best to ensure her next electoral victory.

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