Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Archie Comics to Publish New COSMO Comic Book Series!

Back in 2013, Archie Comics hinted at a new COSMO THE MERRY MARTIAN comic book series. I advocated for this new series, but nothing came of it and (except for a couple of appearances) Cosmo has slowly faded away into the darkness.

Until now.

Earlier today, Archie Comics announced several new comic book titles that will be premiering in the near future including... an updated COSMO comic book series!

Archie Comics CEO and Publisher Jon Goldwater was interviewed earlier today by Heat Vision, where the subject of the new COSMO comic book series was revealed:
You're also reviving Cosmo, which is a genuine blast from the past. The original version of this — Cosmo the Merry Martian, about a Martian astronaut on his way to Earth — only lasted, what, six issues in the late 1950s? 
Archie Action has always been a part of the overall publishing strategy, whether it's licensed or our own IP. [Note: Previously, Archie Action was the home for the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series for 24 years; that license has recently moved to IDW Publishing.] With Cosmo, we see a lot of opportunity to tell a fun adventure tale, featuring one of our classic concepts. Cosmo as a character and universe really lends itself to the serialized stories and world-building Ian Flynn is great at, and we're excited to hand him the keys and let him cut loose when this debuts early next year. It fills an important space for our line.
We were then treated to some initial artwork from the new COSMO series by Ian Flynn:

I'm seeing updated versions of Cosmo, his girlfriend Astra, and his little friend Orbi. There's his dog and the Queen of Venus. I'm not sure who the other two folks are though. The one blue guy might be Professor Thimk. The updated Cosmo & Company definitely carry a MEGA MAN feel, which makes sense given that Ian Flynn is involved and MEGA MAN was another licensed property published by Archie Action.

I'm liking the new look and can't wait to check out the series when it debuts in 2018!

In the meantime, learn a little more about Cosmo the Merry Martian here.

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