Sunday, August 6, 2017

Catching Up with the Latest "Storage Wars" -- Featuring Its Auctioneer from Iowa and Piles of Gay Porn!

My older boy Les was visiting this weekend, which meant that we channel-surfed a bit yesterday in order to find something on television that everyone would enjoy. Sure enough, we stumbled across the latest episode of "Storage Wars." I've written before that I don't usually watch this program, but it's not bad as reality TV shows go and the boys both enjoy it.

This latest episode, titled "Tour de Chance," also featured the program's newest auctioneer -- a woman named Emily Wears who comes from nearby Solon, IA. Turns out that Emily is quite popular with the female buyers, particularly Mary.

You've probably noticed that I enjoy it when Iowa or Iowans get featured on reality TV shows. So it was nice to see Emily on the show again. And it was doubly nice to see her pushing back against the various guys on this program. I've missed most of this season's episodes, but we learned that Emily just returned from her wedding and honeymoon.

It appears that Emily and Mary have really hit it off on the show. While Emily was preparing for the auction, Mary and fellow buyer Brandi decorated her vehicle with wedding greetings and tied a bunch of cans to her bumper. As you can tell from the pic below, the "welcome back" present was graciously received!

I did find it interesting that Emily helped Mary rifle through her auction goodies after the sale. As noted above, I don't watch the show that much. But I don't remember any of the previous auctioneers being this closely connected to any of the buyers. Maybe this friendship is unique on the show, but it was a lot of fun watching the women sort through the storage shed together.

What was even more fun was discovering that Mary's newly-purchased stuff included tons of gay porn -- piles and piles of magazines and movies. Of course, the women giggled and freaked out over this stuff. I'm sure that it all went in the trash, but I can't help wondering if some of it might have brought Mary a chunk of change if she'd moved beyond her initial aversion and started doing some research.

Mary ended up making about $560 on this "Storage Wars" treasure hunt -- after pitching the porn in the trash!

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