Sunday, August 6, 2017

Gay Parenting on Display in Latest "Doc McStuffins" -- OR Does Your Family Have an Emergency Plan?

I went online and watched the latest episode of Disney Junior's "Doc McStuffins," which features a family with two moms. The One Million Moms organization is all worked up over the episode and wants us to contact Disney and tell them that we're all upset over same-sex households in cartoons. Of course, all their alert did was alert me to the existence of the program so that I could check it out for myself!

The episode in question is titled, "The Emergency Plan." It features the Doll Family: Edie, Thia, Brandon, and Baby Gertie.

The town gets all messed up when their friend Dragon-Bot gets stuck in jumping-mode, resulting in a community-wide earthquake-like event. The Doll family finds themselves scattering in all directions and then worrying about each other because they didn't have an emergency plan in place, nor did they have any emergency kits in their home.

Unfortunately, their home fell apart during the faux-earthquake and they didn't have any of their belongings packed up. Nor did they have a safe place to stay while their home was being repaired. Fortunately, Doc and the rest of the toys stepped in and helped out their friends. Emergency kits were packed up and the home was repaired with a little song and dance and soon enough everything was back to normal!

Except now the Doll Family are better prepared to respond to the next emergency!

It was a cute program and well-worth watching. There would be nothing controversial or attention-worthy if the Doll Family had a mom and a dad instead of two moms. Then again, groups like OMM exist only to create controversy over same-sex households.

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