Saturday, August 5, 2017

Prairie Land Radio Launching in Prairie City, IA

A couple years ago, I met a man named Lynn Williams at the Iowa City Metaphysical Expo. I was just getting involved with an effort to start up a local radio station here in Iowa City and he was a vendor at the expo for an online radio station called Prairie Land Pagan Radio. I told him about KICI 105.3 FM and invited him to get involved, which he did for a few months before life took him elsewhere.

A few months ago, he moved from Iowa City to Prairie City to start up a new terrestrial and online called Prairie Land Radio Network. Currently, the station operates online on Sundays at 1:00 PM (, but Williams is setting up a recording studio in Prairie City that he can rent out to performers. He also is working to set up a terrestrial station that will cover Prairie City, Monroe, Colfax, and Newton. His plan is to broadcast 24/7 and will include music, news, local events, and local advertising. He also plans on hosting house concerts at the studio, the first of which is scheduled for August 20th.

You can learn more about Williams and his new station at this article.

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