Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Milwaukee Priest Makes Headlines for Coming Out as Gay

A Milwaukee priest came out as gay earlier this week. Fr. Gregory Greiten came out to his congregation at St. Bernadette Parish this past weekend on 12/17/17 before publishing his coming out announcement in the National Catholic Reporter:
Today, I break the silence and emerge free from the shackles of shame placed upon me at a young age. There is so much to speak about, to repair and to heal — much beyond the limits of these words in print. I am gay.
He's still celibate. He still disagrees with same-sex marriages and relationships. He still supports an institution that's hostile towards gay families. But he wants to move the Catholic Church leadership away from a culture where gay priests are forced to live in silence about their own same-sex attractions.

In his essay, Father Greiten apologized to LGBT people for harm caused by the Church and its leaders. And he invites us to worship in his church.

(Jon's Note: Or you you check out a church community where LGBT inclusion and leadership has been a given for years.)

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