Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Black Hood's Identity Finally Revealed in This Week's "Riverdale"

Hopefully you watched "Riverdale" this past Wednesday. It was the mid-season finale episode and a Christmas-themed episode at that.

Since Fred Andrews was shot at the end of Season One, people have been curious about the identity of the Black Hood.

I was convinced until recently that Sheriff Keller would turn out to be the Black Hood. And we learned in this week's episode that I was completely wrong!

So who was the Black Hood? It was no other than Joseph Svenson (FKA Joseph Conway)! That's right! The masked vigilante who shot Fred Andrews and killed Ms. Grundy and then shot Moose Mason and then killed the Sugar Man was none other than Riverdale High's beloved janitor!

Do you remember when we learned about the Riverdale Reaper? He was a mysterious man who killed a family of four -- the Conways -- in their home many years back. It turns out that one of the Conway children -- young Joseph Conway -- hid under the bed and watched as his family was murdered. He later escaped and pointed out the killer to several of the townsfolk, who ended up burying the Reaper alive.

Years later, Joseph -- who'd been renamed Joseph Svenson -- revealed to his caretakers that he might have identified the wrong man. In other words, it's possible that the real Riverdale Reaper is still out there. But more importantly, an innocent man may have been horribly murdered because of information that Joseph had given those people!

A lot of people are still waiting for some sort of fake-out. Mr. Svenson appeared in only three episodes and it seems like the Black Hood should have been someone more integral to the overall series.  But the show's creators have told us that Mr. Svenson was indeed the Black Hood.

Did you guess the Black Hood's identity? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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