Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Vixens Stand Revealed in B&V: VIXENS #2 // Plus, Bubbles McBounce Makes Her Riveting Return to Archie Comics!!

I sat down this morning to read my weekly comic book purchases, including BETTY & VERONICA: VIXENS #2. I'm still warming to this title, but one obscure character from the world of Little Archie has completely sold me on this title. I'm talking about Bubbles McBounce!!

Bubbles was a fat little girl who was frequently teased about her weight -- but don't feel too sorry for this young girl. Bubble McBounce gave as good she got!

If you listened to this episode of "Riverdale Podcast," you'll know that Bubbles McBounce is the one Archie Comics character that I would really like to see revisited as part of the Relaunched Archieverse! This doesn't quite fulfill that wish, but it's close!

We finally learned the identities of the Vixen gang from left to right: Ethel Muggs, Toni Topaz, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Midge Klump, and (another blast from the past) Evelyn Evernever!

I'm less familiar with Evelyn, but she was a peripheral character from Little Archie's characters.

This issue of the book walks us through the Vixens' creation and why each member was recruited. It also established a base of operations for our newby biker gang: The Motor Motel, which exists on the outskirts of Riverdale.

B&V: VIXENS #2 features writing by Jamie Lee Rotante, art by Eva Cabrera, coloring by Elaina Unger, and lettering by Rachel Deering.

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