Sunday, January 28, 2018

"Coronation Street" Introduces Villain in New Male-on-Male Rape Story Arc

A new villain was introduced to "Coronation Street" this past Friday. A new character named Josh Tucker (played by actor Ryan Clayton) arrived on the cobbles this week to take on an open auto mechanic position (made vacant following the murder of Luke Britton earlier this month).

Josh seems like a nice guy. He's well-traveled and he gets along smashingly with his new co-workers. However, it's already been revealed that Josh is going to rape "Corrie" regular David Platt (played by actor Jack P. Shepherd).

David and Josh
From what I've read, the two guys are going to go out on the town and Josh will eventually drug and sexually assault the impaired David. We won't see anything explicit, but David will wake up in Josh's bed on the morning following the sexual assault and will realize what happened to him. He will then have to go through the trauma to reacting to the rape and about interacting with his assailant on a day-to-day basis.

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