Thursday, January 11, 2018

Shocked Fans React to Roseanne Barr's Pro-Trump Leanings // Guess They Don't Follow Her on Twitter...

A lot of people have been reacting negatively to news that Roseanne Barr is a very conservative celebrity who voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. Not only that, but her character (Roseanne Conner) in the "Roseanne" update series will also be a Trump voter:
Speaking Monday evening at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Los Angeles, Barr said the decision to bring Trump into the show reflects the vision she always had for the program. "I've always tried to have it be a true reflection of the society we live in," Barr told reporters. "So I feel like half the people voted for Trump and half didn't, so it's just realistic."
This story has been percolating for about two weeks. They cannot believe that she supports Trump or that she's a conservative. I followed Barr on Twitter a few years back. This isn't a surprise to me. I'm sure that a lot of her conservative beliefs center around her wealth, but it also centers on her extreme pro-Israel/anti-Palestine beliefs. The kind of belief that never seems to recognize the abuses from one's own side of the debate. But she also seemed to propagate a lot of the crazy anti-Obama conspiracies on Twitter. Which is something that people like to do, but it got too much for me to watch. So I stopped following her on Twitter about two years ago.

Regarding Roseanne Conner's pro-Trump beliefs, this clip from her old show seems to be one of the reasons why a lot of fans from her old show keep scratching their heads:
Representative Mike Summers: Hi! I'm Mike Summers, your state representative. How you doing?

Roseanne Conner: Great.

Representative Mike Summers: Good! I'm going door to door trying to get to know my constituents. 

Roseanne Conner: Oh... Door to door, huh? That takes a lot of time. Why don't you just go down to the unemployment office and see everyone at once?

Representative Mike Summers: I hear you. And you're right. We can't let this area's workforce lay idle. That's why bringing in new business is my number one priority. 

Roseanne Conner: How?

Representative Mike Summers: Through tax incentives! See, we're going to make it cheaper for out of state businesses to set up shop here in Lanford.

Roseanne Conner: So they get a tax break? 

Representative Mike Summers: Yeah! That's why they come here.

Roseanne Conner: Well, who's gonna pay the taxes that they ain't paying?

Representative Mike Summers: Well... You will. But(!)... you'll be working! Good steady employment!

Roseanne Conner: Union wages?

Representative Mike Summers: Well now, part of the reason these businesses are finding it so expensive to operate in other locations...

Roseanne Conner: So... they're gonna dump the unions so they can come here and pay us scab wages and then for that privilege we get to pay their taxes?

Representative Mike Summers: *Pause*.... Is your husband home?
Of course, people forget that people change -- even fictional characters like Roseanne Conner. Years of Fox News and hostile Twitter exchanges have transformed an entire generation of aging centrists into right-wing voters who now vote for politicians who want to blow up our public resources (education, environmental protections, scientific resources, consumer protections, retirement and disability safety nets, etc.) in order to protect us from illegal immigrants, abortion providers, married gay people, and peeing trans women.

Seriously, why wouldn't Roseanne Conner be a Trump voter?

My Twitter exposure to Roseanne Barr showed me that the best part of social media is getting to know your favorite celebrities. It also taught me that the worst part of social medial is getting to know your favorite celebrities.

"Roseanne" returns to ABC in March. Have no doubt that I will probably watch it.

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