Thursday, January 4, 2018

Thanos' True Name Revealed! // Updated Below!

(Originally written on 01/02/18): Everyone knows Thanos, right? He's the Mad Titan. He worships Death. He loves Death. He killed off half of the universe once with help from the Infinity Gauntlet. He's pretty much unstoppable.

Here's what I never knew about Thanos: Apparently, "Thanos" is not his name. It's apparently a title or an alias or something.

And we learn his real name in THANOS #14 (Apparently. It's not a comic book that I ever pick up.)

According to CBR, Thanos gets plucked from the timestream in THANOS #14 and pulled into the distant future to meet with his future self, King Thanos. The elder Thanos needs help from the younger Thanos to win back Death's affections. He even used the magic words when he asked for help: "Please... Dione."

That's right. Thanos' real name is the masculine equivalent to Dionne Warwick...

Updated on 01/04/18: ... Or not!

It turns out that Thanos' true name is actually Thanos.

According to Donny Cates, the writer of THANOS, he was originally going to be named Dione. However, his mother went insane when she first saw his crazy little mug and she instead named him Thanos.

Much better choice. Much better...

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