Saturday, January 6, 2018

Trans Woman Wins £4 Million from a Scratchcard Lottery // Refuses to Share Money with the Family that Disowned Her When She Transition from Male to Female

Have you bought your Powerball ticket yet? You know that I have! I have plans to split the winnings several ways with specific family members. Our mortgage will get paid off and I'll finance some needed home repairs. D's future college needs will be covered and we'll replace all of our vehicles. And then I think I'll go on a cruise ship vacation -- something that I've always wanted to do, but have never had the time nor money to pull off.

Recently, a trans woman named Melissa Ede won £4 million (that's roughly $5,425,000 when converted to American currency) playing a scratchcard lottery game!!

Ede has big plans for her winnings: a new home, a Mercedes, a spendy wedding ceremony to her girlfriend, and lots of dental repairs. She also plans to help out fans of her YouTube videos who donated money to her in the past.

But she has no plans for helping out her four adult children (aged 19, 29, 30, and 39), all of whom abandoned her when she began transitioning to a woman twelve years ago:
Melissa said: “I know we should all love our children unconditionally but they cut me out of their lives. They weren’t there during my hardest times and rejected me. “I still love them but I don’t want false love off them because I’ve got money now... 
She has been Melissa for 12 to 14 years and finally had full gender reallignment surgery in 2011. She revealed: “My mum and dad both died last year but hadn’t spoken to me since I became Melissa. My kids also disowned me and changed their surnames so as not to be associated with me. There should be no stigma. Things go wrong in people’s lives, their make-up and their chromosomes. Everybody's human and it’s about time people realise that.”
Goes to show you that you should treat your loved ones well!

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