Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Iowa's Governor Reynolds Issues Proclamation for Motorcycle Safety Accompanied by a Motorcycle Group that Opposes Mandatory Helmet Laws

Governor Kim Reynolds (IA) met last week with members of a motorcycle lobbying group called A Brotherhood Aimed Toward Education (ABATE). They were there for a photo op with the governor, who signed a proclamation on motorcycle safety. Basically, they want other drivers to be mindful of motorcyclists on Iowa's roadways.

I learned from this article that Iowa is one of three states that do not require motorcyclists to wear helmets. ABATE opposes mandatory helmet requirements. Apparently, they argue that helmet laws "do not stop accidents." Neither do mandatory seat belt laws, which Iowa does have. Helmets do not prevent accidents. But they make an effort to protect your head when you have an accident.

I have a former co-worker who had a moped at her family home. She went to park it in the garage one night from the yard. It skidded on some wet grass and she ended up falling down and cracking her head on some nearby cement. Now she has a permanent brain injury. A helmet didn't prevent this accident, but it could have minimized her risk for a permanent injury. But I digress...

It turns out that the governor and her husband used to be "avid bikers" when they were younger. The article tells me that they traded in their motorcycle for a minivan after they sold out and had kids. She refused to say whether or not they wore helmets on Iowa's roadways.

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