Saturday, February 10, 2018

Meet JoJo the Shape-Changing Space Dog in COSMO #2!

Archie Comics published COSMO #2 earlier this week. Last month, our ragtag crew of Martian adventurers (plus one human) found themselves on responding to a distress call on an abandoned amusement park located on Earth's Moon. On the Moon, Cosmo and his friends found a single Lunite (not Moonling, as previously noted) named Oog Gullywhumpus. Unfortunately, they also discovered a moon full of vicious "Lunatiks" -- crazed Lunites hellbent on ripping our heroes apart!

So now Cosmo, Max, Astra, and the rest must figure out how to safely regroup and solve the mystery behind the Lunatiks' deadly transformation. Which they eventually do. They even meet up with a powerful Venusian Battle Princess.

I continue to enjoy this series. The artwork is solid and the story-telling is sound. Plus, it's great to read an all-ages adventure comic book from Archie Comics again.

But the real reason that I'm writing this blog article has to do with Cosmo's canine friend: JoJo! The original JoJo was a dog-like companion. He was cute and furry, but was otherwise insignificant.

But we learned in COSMO #2 that this new JoJo is much different than his predecessor -- and much more handy to have around during emergencies. Things weren't looking good for our four-legged friend when he and his friends were escaping from the Lunatiks. They swarmed him -- and pretty much overwhelmed the poor guy!

But then we learned that JoJo has a special gift all of his own. He's a powerful shape-changer!

The odd part is that his team all seemed pretty oblivious to his abilities. Which makes me wonder about JoJo's origins. Surely he cannot be native to Mars if none of them were aware of his ability to transform himself into other things. So where did he come from? And when did he teamed up with Cosmo & Friends?

Regardless of those answers, the new JoJo is a great crew member of Cosmo and his UFO crew!

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