Saturday, February 24, 2018

New "Queer Eye" Lands Perfectly on Netflix

I never got into the original "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" program when it aired about 15 years ago(!!). For those who don't know, "Queer Eye" featured five gay gurus who would perform makeovers for fashion-failing straight guys. Each guy had his own focus attending to clothing, grooming, design, diet, and culture. They swarmed the poor guy, made him over, and the watched him host a party and show off his new skills during an emotional wrap-up.

A new "Queer Eye" dropped onto Netflix earlier this month. I decided to watch an episode of the program the other night and quickly got hooked! There's a new Fab Five in this program: Antoni (the food expert), Jonathan (the grooming expert), Tan (the fashion expert), Karamo (the culture expert, and Bobby (the design expert). the guys are fun and playful -- much more playful than I remember with the original bunch. (Jon's Note: Probably not. Just keep remembering that I only watched the original series 2-3 times and it was many, many years ago.)

"Queer Eye" was filmed throughout Georgia. The first episode had them remaking a 57-year-old divorced grandfather named Tom with poor grooming, a penchant for jean shorts, and a love for his stained recliner. But Tom instantly bonded with the guys and learned to roll with their jokes and double entendres like a champ.

The guys updated his clothing, freshened up his apartment and furnishings, and freshened up his beard. And Tom really looked great after they were done with him. But they also spent so much time with him -- and the other guys -- building him and his confidence up over and over and over and over. And then you break into tears as you witness these men evolve both physically and emotionally!

The first season consists of six episodes. It's a really good program and definitely worth checking out!

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