Monday, February 26, 2018

Tick Tock on the Clock, Social Work, It Never Stops!

I came across this great parody of Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" by a social worker named Kay Freymuth. It's called "Social Work Don't Stop." She wrote in the comments section that she wrote the lyrics as a wellness activity for her grad school program at a time when her fellow students needed a good laugh.

Check out these lyrics:
Social Work Don't Stop

Wake up in the morning,
No use gettin' pretty.
Grab my brief case,
I'm out the door
ready to fix the city

No time to sleep; barely eat,
cuz they don't pay me jack.
And as I finish all my work
I see it pile back.

I'm talkin' papers for policy,
and process recordings,
lets bullshit everything.
No stoppin' wellness
that's forced on me,
work with communities,
what the hell does CBPR mean?!

I won't quit, tryin to fix,
issues with social justice.
Tonight, Ima fight,
to promote the human rights. 
Tick tock on the clock,
social work, it never stop, no.
Oh oho oh ohhhh,
Oh oho oh ohhhh!
You should follow this link to hear the rest of her great songs. Enjoy!

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