Saturday, March 10, 2018

Iowa Gets a Shout-Out in Latest "Jessica Jones" Series

I've spent much of the afternoon watching the second season of "Jessica Jones" on Netflix. I'm four episodes into the program so far. I need to coordinate my schedule with Husband Mark for this program, so it will stretch out longer than most usually binge-watches take me.

In this series, Jessica's BFF Trish Walker has a new squeaky-clean boyfriend named Griffin. Since she's a private investigator, Jessica has already checked him out online and he checked out okay. (Jon's Note: Not really. There's something sketchy about him. We just don't know what exactly is wrong with him yet at this point in the series).

We get a little shout-out to Iowa in the middle of the third episode.

Trish shares with Jessica that she's falling in love with Griffin. "I love him, you know. Probably means he has a pornography addiction or a secret family in Iowa."

Jessica crooks an eyebrow. "Iowa?"

"Yeah, secret families are always stashed in flyover states."

And that's the passing reference to Iowa in "Jessica Jones." It's possible that there will be additional references to Iowa in the season series. But I doubt it.

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