Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Jennifer Lien (AKA Kes of "Star Trek: Voyager") Arrested & Charged with Driving with a Revoked License -- Twice in One Week!

It's been a while since I've written about Jennifer Lien, the former actress who played Kes on "Star Trek: Voyager." Kes was one of my favorite characters on that series and I was always disappointed that they wrote her out of the program.

But Lien has struggled over the past twenty years. She was arrested for domestic assault in 2012. Then in April 2015, she was arrested and charged with evading arrest, resisting arrest, reckless endangerment, and aggravated assault in relation to a speeding offense. Then back in September 2015, she got arrested and charged with two counts of indecent exposure to a child under the age of 13. Those final charges were eventually dismissed after she paid restitution.

TMZ now reports that Jennifer Lien has been arrested and charged with driving with a revoked license -- twice (!!) in the recent past. The first time was on 02/27/18 and the most recent arrest was on 03/02/18. Her most recent arrest came about after police noticed her driving without any visible tags. She lost her license because of a previous DUI.


D.J. Free! said...

So sad! I actually just got through watching all 7 seasons of Voyager (again) on Netflix a few weeks ago. I too was really sad they wrote her out of the show. There was such great potential with her as a character...I felt they never quite invested enough in her character, b/c there was some really great stuff that they could have done with her that they never did. Sorry she's been going through so much turmoil since then :(

Unknown said...

so sad indeed,, in the mug shots you can clearly see it in her eyes that she has mental problems or spiritual ones, she seems to me like a stray dog asking for help, I liked her a lot as kes I admit it, but now even though I don't like the way she looks now, I can almost see her soul through her eyes, and her soul is screaming for help, I swear I hope she get's it,, damn shame,,!!

Thethird Child said...

I think it's fair to say that people tend to forget that these actors are people and that the character they play is the figment of someone else's imagination. Whether the issue is 'mental', 'religious', frustration or even just an expression of the person we don't know isn't really for us to judge. They play a part on tv and although they imbue these characters with bits of themselves it's still cosplay.

I believe it's kind of the person who is concerned with her 'soul' but the diagnosis is slightly backward thinking. It suggests that only those with a 'healthy' soul can function in today's world... in what reality does any human have the right to interpret the state of someone's soul based largely on their public deeds?!

As my mother always said: "sometimes it just is what it is". I feel badly for this woman and hope she receives whatever help she needs to get back to living her life. If she hadn't been on a famous tv show then the rest of the country might never have noticed this persons public problems. My local news shows are peppered with this sort of thing, and having worked in an insurance company I read hundreds of DMV reports on people we should have been watching more closely.but because they are 'ordinary' we just brush them aside.

I liked her acting on Star Trek and in American History X , but neither of those productions told me who she really is. Kindest thing to do is wish her well.....and if you happen to cross paths with her, maybe you'll be able to help on a personal level. I'd leave spirituality out of it....

Violent Pixie said...

I was never lucky enough to meet her in person back when she was still doing the Trek conventions (I went to one back then where Kate Mulgrew was the headliner). From what I've read online (as well as from my longtime online Trek friends who had attended cons), in person Lien seemed withdrawn and what I would only politely describe as "out of it." It sounded to me like it was a possible unfortunate side effect of psychiatric meds. If she had anxiety, for example, maybe she needed lots of something to make it through cons. I'd jump at the chance to be on Trek, but if I had to do cons, I'm not sure how much Xanax I'd need -- probably too much lol. Anyway, I have attended a handful of other Trek cons since (as recently as about 5 years ago), and even then another con attendee brought up Lien's past appearances. Unfortunately, that person's description of Lien is the same as what I've heard from others ("drugged up," and "completely out of it" like where she'd seem so dazed that handlers had to prompt her to bring her back to reality, at which point she'd lift her head and smile oddly, etc). Always broke my heart to hear descriptions of her like that. Whether she had a substance abuse problem or was dealing with med side effects, I felt sad for her. What's especially saddening is when people are automatically judgmental and nasty when they talk about her. If you don't know for sure (or even if you do!), why not take the kinder path?

From all the strange headlines regarding her run-ins with the law over the years, my mind has always screamed "bipolar." I've recently become more acquainted with bipolar disorder over the years (I have a close friend and a family member who have it), and I've seen moderate and severe forms. I've heard it described in the person's own words -- and looking back on incidents/behaviors in their history, it fits. Based on what I know now, it really does seem to fit. I mean, it could be some other psychiatric disorder(s) she's dealing with -- I'm no doctor. I just wish she and her docs could get a handle on it. Psych issues can be rough -- but life is so much easier with the proper meds and therapy. It's sad to see how her life is now -- it must feel awful.

Apparently, Mulgrew was very upset to see Lien/Kes leave. Anyway, I'll always have a special place in my heart for Kes. I identified most with that character and I was heartbroken when she was dropped from the show in favor of Seven of Nine. Ryan was a pretty good actress and Seven was a decent character who luckily had some great episodes, but....we all know what factored heavily into the decision to add her to the show (the unnecessary corset and padding made that very obvious). Regardless of the good Seven of Nine episodes, the show revolved around her a bit too much after her addition. As for Kes, I'll always wonder what might've been. She was already becoming more complex, less naïve, still curious, discovering her powers as a free-range Ocampa (lol), and really blossoming into a woman -- one apart from the cutesy teenagery girlfriend she had been with Neelix. Just when she was getting more interesting... It was so abrupt. Yep, I'm still bitter. :l

Marcus McIntyre said...

That's an awful lot of critical advice, coming from someone who's closing words are "I'd leave spirituality out of it".
Perhaps your enlightened view on spirituality just isn't aligned with those of those others, whose comments you invested a healthy compo ent of your post criticising.
Interesting that their posts were more concerned with expressing empathy than offering criticism. I wonder if that might give you reason for pause.