Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Jennifer Lien (AKA Kes of "Star Trek: Voyager") Arrested & Charged with Driving with a Revoked License -- Twice in One Week!

It's been a while since I've written about Jennifer Lien, the former actress who played Kes on "Star Trek: Voyager." Kes was one of my favorite characters on that series and I was always disappointed that they wrote her out of the program.

But Lien has struggled over the past twenty years. She was arrested for domestic assault in 2012. Then in April 2015, she was arrested and charged with evading arrest, resisting arrest, reckless endangerment, and aggravated assault in relation to a speeding offense. Then back in September 2015, she got arrested and charged with two counts of indecent exposure to a child under the age of 13. Those final charges were eventually dismissed after she paid restitution.

TMZ now reports that Jennifer Lien has been arrested and charged with driving with a revoked license -- twice (!!) in the recent past. The first time was on 02/27/18 and the most recent arrest was on 03/02/18. Her most recent arrest came about after police noticed her driving without any visible tags. She lost her license because of a previous DUI.


D.J. Free! said...

So sad! I actually just got through watching all 7 seasons of Voyager (again) on Netflix a few weeks ago. I too was really sad they wrote her out of the show. There was such great potential with her as a character...I felt they never quite invested enough in her character, b/c there was some really great stuff that they could have done with her that they never did. Sorry she's been going through so much turmoil since then :(

Unknown said...

so sad indeed,, in the mug shots you can clearly see it in her eyes that she has mental problems or spiritual ones, she seems to me like a stray dog asking for help, I liked her a lot as kes I admit it, but now even though I don't like the way she looks now, I can almost see her soul through her eyes, and her soul is screaming for help, I swear I hope she get's it,, damn shame,,!!