Friday, March 16, 2018

Josh Drugs & Sexually Assaults David in Latest Episode of "Coronation Street"

We knew it was coming and it finally happened. "Coronation Street" played out its male-on-male rape scene earlier this evening.

This new guy named Josh came to "Corrie" back in late January. Another character named Kevin had been murdered and Josh was hired to replace that man in the repair garage. Since he was introduced, Josh has been friendly and affable. He's easy on the eyes, which means most of the younger women have tried (unsuccessfully) to grab his attention.

Several of Kevin's friends wanted to do something to honor his memory and Josh came up with the idea of a neighborhood charity boxing event. He began training several of the men and women during his free time, including David Platt. Him and David became quite close, even after David's epilepsy barred him from boxing.

It finally came to a head on tonight's episodes when Josh invited David to a night on the town for some drinks and family sob stories. Eventually when David went to use the restroom, Josh spiked his beer with some GHB, which is a date rape drug that's principally used to treat narcolepsy.

I have no clue how easy or how legal it is to purchase GHB, but I found the packaging to be quite bright and obvious when Josh pulled it out of his pocket.

I found it interesting that Josh took a smaller dose of the drug himself. I looked it up and it appears that GHB also acts as an intoxicant, so he probably wanted a little chemical stimulation to keep himself in the mood.

Soon enough, David could barely stand. Josh took him home and plied him with one final drink before assisting him to the bedroom and tossing him on the bed and unzipping his pants.

Monday's episodes will deal with the aftermath. David will awaken undressed and with only a hazy recollection of what happened. But he'll know that something happened between the two of them and will deal with the shame of realizing that he was sexually assaulted by one of his friends.

Since the program has aired, ITV has been promoting several different resources to its UK viewers who have experienced sexual assault.

I have no clue what's going to happen with Josh. Here's the deal: I really like Josh. I've known what he was going to do to David since he first appeared on "Corrie," so I tried to keep myself from liking the guy. But I enjoyed his scenes and his character and I've really grown attached to him. Now it's going to be impossible to redeem the guy, which is a pity.

I do know that David's estranged father is going to return to the program -- if only for a while. My understanding is that David will eventually turn to his father for support and that his father will end up being a strong source of support for him. Which is a good thing.

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