Monday, March 12, 2018

Mind, Body, Soul: Social Work Is My Superpower!

It's Social Work Month. I thought I would take advantage of this special occasion to unveil one of my new social work-themed memes.

A few years ago, a social worker named Anna Scheyett did a TED talk describing the commonality between social workers and superheroes. Members of both groups help others and they both work to make the world a better place. We both inspire others and we nurture their strengths. The message, "I'm a social worker. What's your superpower?" began circulating. Eventually, that message condensed down to "Social Work Is My Superpower."

Which inspired this new meme. Obviously, it's not completely original. But I began looking at my favorite Marvel Comics superheroes and reminded myself that some of these heroes also work as social workers!

Here is what I came up with: Mind, Body, Soul: Social Work Is My Superpower!

Captain America/Falcon: Sam Wilson started out as a social worker. He worked with inner-city youth before becoming the Falcon. When he eventually became Captain America a few years back, Wilson used his abilities to stand up for the downtrodden, including people of color and undocumented residents within the US, many of whom were being victimized yet frightened to seek help from more traditional defenders.

John Jameson/Man-Wolf: John Jameson is a former astronaut and long-time friend of Peter Parker (AKA Spider-Man). He worked for a time in security for a mental institution that treated mentally unstable superpowered villains. Later he became a social worker. Granted, he eventually returned to his more adventurous ways, but he's still a pretty cool guy with a history in social work!

Firebird: Lastly, we have Bonita Juarez AKA Firebird! Firebird has been an Avenger and a Ranger. She doesn't get a lot of time in print, but she's pretty powerful with her fire-based powers. Plus, she's a devout Catholic with an altruistic desire to help humanity!

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