Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Orange City, IA: Library Board Caves to Anti-Gay Culture Warriors // Will Segregate Materials with LGBTQ Content

Remember last month when the anti-gay culture warriors of Northwest Iowa stormed the Orange City Public Library complaining about the presence of books and other library materials with LGBTQ content? They demanded that the library set up a special labeling system of materials with LGBTQ content and that those materials be segregated within the library. They demanded a special online rating services, presumably to help library patrons avoid LGBTQ content. And they demanded a halt to any new materials that deal primarily with LGBTQ topics until a public discussion could be held.

The Orange City Public Library Board of Trustees met yesterday and voted to group books by subject and subcategory rather than alphabetically by author's name. Additionally, they want to set up a new system for approving new materials. Currently, individual librarians have the ability to assess new materials. Now they want more staff members to review and assess new materials.

The board reviewed two books that had been challenged by members of the community and ultimately decided to keep them around:
(The) library board unanimously voted down a book challenge brought forward by Orange City resident Kurt Korver against the children's book "Morris Mickelwhite and the Tangerine Dress" by Christine Baldacchino, which features a boy whose classmates don’t understand why he enjoys wearing a dress... 
The board also voted to keep a second challenged book, "Wonder Woman: A Hero to All" by Liz Marsham, after a statement of concern was brought forward due to concerns with how Wonder Woman was visually depicted in the book.
Korver complained that "Morris Mickelwhite and the Tangerine Dress" advances a transgender agenda and that he pities those who have gender dysphoria. He then condemned the library's board to keeping an "activist library director" on staff.

Mark my word, we will eventually learn that several of these culture warriors will push to join the board as soon as there are any openings and they will then begin making increasingly restrictive rules about materials with LGBTQ content, up to and including their removal from the library.

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