Monday, April 23, 2018

Honoring Debbie: The Spacefaring Chicken in Netflix's "Lost in Space" Reboot!

It took me a while, but I finally finished watching the new "Lost in Space" series on Netflix. It's based on the campy television from the 1960s. But this update is a bit more series, a bit more sophisticated, and a bit too drawn out in some episodes.

The Robinsons are part of an effort to colonize an alien planet. Their transport ship was attacked early into the program by an alien Robot. Most of the family ships are knocked free and stranded on an unknown planet. The Robinson are joined by an engineer named Don West and a stowaway named Dr. Smith (but not really). Plus Will Robinson finds himself bonded early on with the Robot, whose artificial intelligence got rebooted and imprinted on the child. The colonists are forced to team up and get off the planet before everything goes caput.

But I'm not writing about the Robinsons in this blog post. This post is about Debbie the Chicken. Debbie was a bird on the original Dr. Smith's colony spaceship. Debbie survived the original crash-landing without injury and helped Don realize that it was safe to breath the air. Don's initial plan was to abandon Debbie to the alien landscape, but he saved the bird -- and in turn saved himself due to a GPS tracking system within the chicken! He ended up adopting Debbie and giving her a name in gratitude!

Later on, Don volunteered for a suicide mission to get off of the planet and lead the transport ship to their planet. He ended up entrusting his beloved bird to the loving care of Dr. Judy Robinson -- not that she appreciated this gift:

Later on, Judy uses Debbie as a distraction when saving her mother from the cruel Dr. Smith. I was worried that they would leave Debbie behind, but Judy took a moment to return Debbie to her box:

Unfortunately, we never see Debbie again -- unless I totally missed it. And that's possible. It's possible that Debbie was left behind on the alien planet and ended up getting snuffed due to the planet's fatal trajectory with a black hole. But I'm betting that Debbie is still tucked away safely on the Jupiter 2. Which would be totally cool. Because she would be the first notable avian space traveler in known history!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing about Debbie the Chicken. Probably not the first space poultry (assuming Alpha Centuri also has chickens), but certainly the first (and only) chicken on the "planet we never got around to naming, we hated it so much." I hope they kept her on board the ship. It would make Don happy.