Thursday, April 19, 2018

Rana's Parents Disown Her Following a Botched Kidnapping Effort on Last Night's "Coronation Street"

I haven't written too much lately about the romance between Kate and Rana on "Coronation Street." (Previously written about here and here) Back in February, Rana's parents bribed Zeedan and Rana into remaining married for another year with the bribe of them financing his new restaurant. But Rana could no longer remain apart from Kate and continued their affair -- with Zeedan's knowledge.

Earlier this week, Kate sneaked into Rana's home and began kissing and romancing her -- which was pretty gross because Rana was sick with the flu. But they decided to have sex together on the couch -- because who doesn't want to have sex when one's home sick with the flu?

Zeedan's sister Alya brought Rana's parents to the house unexpectedly and they stumbled across the lesbian lovebirds. It didn't go over very well.

Alya is furious at both Rana and Kate for breaking up her brother's marriage. She's mad at Zeedan... for some unknown reason. And then she ended up accidentally ended up outing Rana to all of Coronation Street! Not that Jenny cares...

Anyway, last night Rana's parents ended up trying to trick her into going to Pakistan with her mother tend to a dying aunt. But it was really a ruse to get Rana into Pakistan, where frankly she has very limited rights as a woman and where she could be hidden away long enough to get fixed or to get married to a new husband who won't tolerate her lesbianism.

Fortunately, Yasmeen, Zeedan, Imran, and Kate realized what was happening and managed to save Rana before she left the country. But the end result is that Rana has been disowned by her parents and Imran has essentially disowned his parents for trying to kidnap his sister.

I'm not a huge fan of how they became a couple -- or frankly of their furtive nature --, but I actually like Kate and Rana as a couple. If only because Rana is one of the only LGBTQ Muslim characters in media today. It's managed to take a familiar theme and twist it a bit on its ear.

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