Friday, April 6, 2018

Storm Becomes a Literal Thunder Goddess in X-MEN GOLD #25!

I had some issues with X-MEN GOLD #25, which was published earlier this week. There are things that I like about this comic book. I like the team of back-up X-Men that Iceman gathered (Rogue, Magik, Armor, Magma, Ink, and Pyro) while the main team has been temporarily waylaid in jail. I like the fact that X-MEN GOLD resurrected Ink for this title after a lengthy absence.

And there are things that I don't like about this particular title. A giant space-god named Scythian Algurus landed in Paris to seek revenge on the X-Men. It's left to the two teams of X-Men, Captain Britain, and Meggan to protect the planet against the giant Unicron-like monster -- in a world filled with Avengers, Spider-Men, Inhumans, and other X-Men.

There were some other annoying tidbits, but there was one thing that I really liked about X-MEN GOLD #25: the return of Stormcaster: Storm's mystical hammer that transforms her into a literal Goddess of Thunder. I first witnessed Stormcaster back in the 80s when the X-Men and New Mutants got mixed up with the Asgardians. Loki created Stormcaster for Storm, which transformed her into a literal Goddess of Thunder. She eventually rejected the hammer and reclaimed her mortal nature. But she was occasionally reunited with Stormcaster briefly in 2011 and then during the "Secret Wars" event.

Storm was one of the imprisoned heroes in X-MEN GOLD #24 and 25. She ended up having a claustrophobia-induced panic attack at the beginning of issue #25 after being locked in solitary. Despite wearing power-dampeners, she managed to summon a powerful lightning strike that broke her from her cage. However, she also summoned something else: Stormcaster straight from Old Asgard itself!

Storm was one of Scythian's opponents when she was reunited with Stormcaster and transformed into a Goddess of Thunder again. This major power boost was one of the contributing factors that assisted the team with defeating the space-god.

I can't help but wonder if Storm will remain a Thunder Goddess. I've long been disappointed that Dani Moonstar hasn't utilized her Valkyrie abilities more prominently -- especially since she lost her mutant abilities back during M-Day. If Marvel Comics doesn't want a Valkyrie fighting alongside the X-Men, then I think they should welcome a Thunder Goddess on the team!

Additionally, Marvel Comics just lost its female Thor (AKA Jane Foster) to cancer. If we can't have one great female Thor, then I think we should be granted another great female Thor-like hero!

What do you think? Will Stormcaster remain with the X-Men? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


Fernando Pires said...

Why can't Storm just be Storm? She doesn't need some stupid hammer to control weather. And let the real Thor be Thor again. Let him have the name his mother gave him upon his birth. THOR IS NOT A TITLE.

Jon said...

She can still be Storm and still be a Goddess of Thunder.