Saturday, May 12, 2018

"700 Club" Features Pulse Shooting Survivor Who Came Out as Ex-Gay

Remember the Pulse Survivor who came out as ex-gay? He showed up on "The 700 Club" and told his story about becoming a Christian following the mass shooting: "It wasn't a gay to straight thing. It was a lost to saved thing."

Luis Javier Ruiz doesn't go to clubs anymore and he doesn't drink and he's leading a more stable life these days. To him, this is leaving the gay lifestyle. For others, that's just maturing and leading a more stable life. But CBN eats up stories like his and reduces our lives to drinking and partying and implies that one is no longer gay once one stops drinking and partying.

In the video, Ruiz assures us that he still loves his LGBTQ friends: "I love the LGBTQ community. I love them with all my heart. If they want to come as a transgender, if they want to as a homosexual lesbian to the church, come. Come as you are. Experience Jesus. Then you make the decision."

Once again, he implies that you cannot be LGBTQ and Christian or involved with the Church. Despite the existence of affirming church denominations like the United Church or Christ or the Metropolitan Community Church, or online queer Christian communities like Q Christian Fellowship.

And then CBN segue-ways to a "former transgender activist" named Jeffrey McCall who joined a church and transformed into an ex-transgender activist. Which once again brought home the false idea that LGBTQ people cannot have LGBTQ identities and Christians.

Always remember: CBN loves to talk about LGBTQ Christians -- but only if we are ex-gay. Otherwise, they marginalize us and deny our stories and our collective faith.

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