Wednesday, May 30, 2018

American Bible Society Imposing Strict Code of Behavior On Its Staff Starting in January 2019, Effectively Pushing Out Married LGBTQ Employees

Religion News Service (RNS) reported yesterday that the American Bible Society has issued a new policy that requires all of its employees to affirm orthodox Christian beliefs and live conservative lifestyles. This policy, which will be enforced starting in January 2019, will bar married LGBTQ people from working at the nonprofit organization.

The American Bible Society is a 202-year-old nondenominational organization that publishes, distributes, and translates the Bible and Biblical study materials throughout the world. It presented its new "Affirmation of Biblical Community" document to its employees last December in an attempt to bring "unity and clarity."

In addition to barring anything but married opposite-sex couples, the American Bible Society also made a show of banning lies, deception, theft, and substance abuse.

Reportedly, the creation of American Bible Society's "Affirmation of Biblical Community" was inspired last year after a gay help desk manager was hired. He introduced his husband to his new co-workers -- and there's nothing less Biblical than a married gay help desk manager.

So far, nine employees have left the nonprofit since the introduction of the "Affirmation of Biblical Community" -- and others are looking for work elsewhere.

The American Bible Society was previously known for its ecumenical nature. Now, it's becoming increasingly difficult for Christians who don't fit into just the right box of conservative evangelical beliefs to fit within the organization -- including progressive Christians whose understanding of Christianity supports and affirms LGBTQ people and families.

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