Thursday, May 31, 2018

Anna Windass Makes a Shocking Return to "Coronation Street" -- Just in Time for the Final Phelan!

Tonight's "Coronation Street" was quite the shocker. There have been three major stories this week. The first has to do with Michelle and Robert's wedding. Then there's the story about David reporting his rape to the police and telling his family what's up. Lastly, Gary Windass stupidly kidnapped the evil Pat Phelan and tied him up in some storage area. This latest story is presently blowing up in Gary's face and will ultimately end with Phelan's demise -- along with one other cast member!

Most likely, either Eileen, Nicola, or Seb will bite the bullet. But we won't know until tomorrow evening!

But I was completely shocked to see the return of Anna Windass towards the end of tonight's episode! Last we'd seen of Anna, she'd been convicted of Seb's attempted murder. Except that she hadn't actually tried killing Seb. He fell off a ladder and hit his head. While he was concussed and unconscious, Phelan had literally whispered in the lad's ear and convinced him that Anna knocked him to the ground. He then planted evidence that she did the crime and laughed while she was hauled off to prison.

Since everyone learned of Pat Phelan's dirty deeds, it's become clear to everyone that Anna was correct when she asserted her innocence. Now tonight she suddenly appeared and freed Gary and Sarah from Phelan's garage. They raced to save Eileen and Nicola from Phelan -- only to hear a gunshot!

Who was shot? It was either Eileen, Nicola, or Seb. Though it's possible that Phelan shot himself! We won't know for certain until tomorrow evening.

There's one theory that Anna will be the one to take out Phelan once and for all. Maybe she will shoot him dead with his own gun and return to prison for his murder. Or maybe she'll push him all of a tall building and kill both of them in one single protective effort.

Once again, we will learn all tomorrow evening!

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