Sunday, May 20, 2018

"Riverdale" Season 2 Ends: Black Hood Finally Revealed, Hiram Lodge's New Cabal, and Someone Gets Arrested!

The season finale for "Riverdale" Season 2 happened this past Wednesday. The episode wasn't quite as hopping as the previous week's episode, but the episode certainly ended with some excitement!

Let's start with the big news. We finally learned the Black Hood's true identity. Last December, we were tricked into believing that Rivedale High janitor Joseph Svenson (FKA Joseph Conway) was the masked killer. But we were wrong. Conway was a simple soul who was easily manipulated by the true killer: Hal Cooper! Hal and his parents had become obsessed with purity and sin and punishment.

Late last season, Betty gave an impassioned speech to the people of Riverdale, urging them to straighten up its collective act. Hal was inspired to resurrect the Riverdale Reaper's methods and the Black Hood was born! The Black Hood spent most of this season punishing Riverdale's sinners, such as Fred Andrews for being an adulterer, Moose & Midge for taking drugs and having sex, and the Sugar Man for being a drug dealer.

Betty resumed her investigation into the Black Hood's true identity soon after he returned and killed Midge Klump. Soon enough, her investigations led straight to... her father! He initially denied this suggestion, but eventually confessed to Betty and Alice. After a quick fight, the women managed to subdue Hal and the Black Hood's reign of terror finally ended!

However, there was a second Black Hood running around towards the end that initially confused Betty. The Black Hood opened fire on a political debate between Fred Andrews and Hermione Lodge -- and Hal was in the audience! Some people recognized that Hal has Blossom blood in him and they are known for having twin siblings. So some began wondering if Hal Cooper has a secret twin brother running around. I'm still not sure that Hal doesn't have a twin.

But a Black Hood attacked Archie and Fred at their home at the same time that Hal was confessing to his family. Fred was saved by a bullet-proof vest and this Black Hood managed to escape. Archie and his Gang began wondering if Sheriff Minetta and his police forces were behind this attack. They ended up blaming former Southside Serpent, Tall Boy, on the attack and he was conveniently killed by the police.

Now that Midge is gone, Moose has turned to Kevin Keller for solace -- and the two ended up locking lips in the school bathroom.

However, it's possible that Kevin will be experiencing his own love triangle next season. Joaquin was brought back to Riverdale a few episodes ago -- and then promptly got left in the shadows. He was presumably brought back for a reason. And that reason presumably is named Kevin Keller.

Speaking of Southside Serpents, Jughead became the Serpent King at the end of Season 2. And Cheryl Blossom of all people joined the gang!

Hermione Lodge won the election in this final episode. She is now Riverdale's mayor. On top of that, Hiram Lodge now owns most of Riverdale's south side. And he has a cabal to help with his various criminal schemes. Penny Peabody will coordinate gang activity. Malachai from the Ghoulies will run drugs in and out of Riverdale. Sheriff Minetta will keep the law out of their hair. Claudius Blossom will be the muscle for their gang. And Penelope Blossom is looking forward to turning the Whyte Wyrm into a brothel.

Meanwhile, Archie is now Riverdale High's school president. However, he stupidly threatened Hiram Lodge towards the end of Season One. He threatened to blow the lid of Hiram's criminal empire -- so Mr. Lodge arranged to have Archie arrested for a crime that he didn't commit.

And that's how Season Two ended.

I anticipate that Archie will not remain in jail for long in Season 3, though he may remain under suspicion for a long time. He and his friends will fight Hiram and his Cabal for most of the season. Polly will finally introduce us to her cult-leader at the Farm. And (hopefully) Kevin Keller will get much for screen-time!

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