Thursday, June 7, 2018

Who Are the Asgardians of the Galaxy? // Updated Below: Meet the Asgardians of the Galaxy!

(Originally written on 06/06/18): Marvel Comics put out an interesting teaser tonight: "The Guardians of the Galaxy are now more... Who are the Asgardians of the Galaxy?"

No other information has been shared about this cryptic question, though Newsarama reminded us that Angela was a recent member of the Guardians. Plus Dargo Ktor, the 26th century Thor, once fought alongside the original Guardians of the Galaxy.

Otherwise, there haven't been any Asgardians of  note with ties to the Guardian of the Galaxy.

So who are the Asgardians of the Galaxy? I have no clue, but I'm hoping that Frog-Thor is one of them! After all, the Guardians are composed of some of Marvel Comics' more diverse and alien creatures!

Updated on 06/07/18: These are the Asgardians of the Galaxy!

I was thinking earlier today that it would be cool to see Dani Moonstar appear among the Asgardians of the Galaxy. She's an on-again/off-again Valkyrie, but she doesn't get to see a lot of action these day. Shortly after reminiscing about one of my favorite New Mutants, I learned that she didn't make the cut. But something awful similar to her did!

So who are the Asgardians of the Galaxy? There is Angela, an Asgardian angel who also has the distinction of being Thor's half-sister. There is Brunnhilde the Valkyrie and former Defender and her human girlfriend/host Annabelle Riggs. There is Skurge the Executioner, a former villain who sacrificed his life to save Thor and a handful of humans. There is Thunderstrike, the hammer-holding heir of a previous Thor. Then there is Frog-Thor (or Throg as others call him, but I HATE that name). I'm glad to say that I predicted his presence on the team. He's one of my favorites! And then there is the Destroyer, a deadly armor built to fight against the Celestials! It's not clear who is pulling its string, so most likely there is a seventh member of the Asgardians lurking about!

What do you think? I like this team, for the most part.

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