Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Can a Politically Conservative Believer Worship Comfortably in a Religiously Moderate Church Community?

I was on the "OpenChristian" sub-Reddit board earlier this evening. "OpenChristian" is a progressive Christian board. I came across this post, titled Do You Guys Have Any Idea on Types of Churches That I Should Research as a Religiously Liberal/Politically Conservative Believer?:
I’m unsure about what my church future will look like, as I used to be religiously conservative and politically conservative, until college in which I remained politically conservative but I’m somewhat moderate or mildly liberal when it comes to religion. 
I am born again but will spare the details to avoid people figuring out my identity. 
I’m a straight male but I’m fully LGBTQ affirming in case you guys are wondering. 
And I’m not Calvinist or Catholic, nothing against those groups but I just don’t agree with predestination or .want to attend a church that has many nuanced rules, especially on things like birth control. 
I need somewhere religiously moderate to liberal (like pro LGBTQ for example) but that would embrace a Trump fan without trying to change my political beliefs. 
Could you guys give me any ideas on types of churches that I should consider? 
To me, faith is about who Jesus is, what Jesus did, the opportunity for salvation, and the resurrection. 
Thank you so much in advance. 
EDIT 1: I don’t need to go to a church full of politically conservative people. As long as the sermons do not constantly bash Trump and people don’t see me in a negative light solely for my politics (especially if I keep it on the down low), then I would feel great.
I spent quite a bit of time pondering this question and ultimately came up with the following reply:
Not trying to challenge you. Or your opinions. 
Just struggling to imagine a progressive faith system that jives with Trump’s personal or political ethics.
Which is the truth. I've been pondering this request for a while. Even if a UCC church, or a Methodist church, or a Episcopal church, or whatever doesn't overtly speak out against President Trump, I struggle to see how these moderate or progressive church communities could comfortably live out his values. Not when it comes to economic justice. Not when it comes to social justice. Not when it comes to gender equality. And not even when it comes to LGBTQ equality within the church.

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