Monday, July 9, 2018

Nick Spencer Taking Over ARCHIE Comic Book Series With Issue #700 // Plus New BETTY & VERONICA Mini & "Sam Hill" Television Series!

Archie Comics announced new projects earlier today.

First, ARCHIE is catching up the numbering from its original series. ARCHIE #700 will be published in November 2018. The original ARCHIE series ended with #666 and the Mark Waid revamp series lasted for 32 issues. ARCHIE #699 will come out in October as a catch-up issue and will cost only $1.

ARCHIE #700 will feature writing by Nick Spencer and art by Marguerite Sauvage:
“Archie Comics has a long, proud history,” Mr. Spencer said. “I don’t want to blow things up or do anything that would upset the long-term audience. It’s more like finding some conflicts that have some stakes, upping the drama level a little bit.” He added that he would play into the soap opera aspect of the characters and “depict that in a way that the ‘Riverdale’ audience can appreciate and enjoy.” 
But fans of the comic need not worry about the book straying too far, like perhaps mirroring some of the more out-there relationships from the TV show (whether that be a student-teacher dalliance or the creepy vibe of the too-close Blossom siblings).
Second, there will be a new BETTY & VERONICA mini-series published in December 2018. It will feature writing by Jamie L. Rotante:
The series will be exploring a new chapter for the young women: senior year of high school, which will include a lot of the stress of college applications, internships and final exams. “We stack a lot onto the backs of teens and often dismiss their concerns as juvenile,” Ms. Rotante wrote. “I think now, more than ever, it’s apparent that teens matter and that their voices should be heard.”
Third, Archie Comics is working on an animated horror series featuring Josie McCoy (of the Pussycats).

Fourth, Archie Comics is working on a humorous animated series featuring Archie and the Riverdale Gang.

And finally, Archie Comics is working on a new live-action television series featuring its private detective series, Sam Hill(!!). This is the project that I'm most interested in watching!

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