Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Sean Struggles With Homelessness on "Coronation Street"

Sean on "Coronation Street" has been struggling for months -- though mainly with his pride. Earlier this year, he had a setback with his two jobs. First, he got fired from the medical clinic for gossiping about some of their patients. Then he got fired from his bartending job for confronting those patients about his lost job.

He ended up staying with his friend Fiz for a while and originally had a new job in a start-up tech job. But he quickly lost that job as well. The problem is that he was too proud to tell any of his friends that he lost this latest job. And he couldn't find anything new to replace it with.

Eventually, Fiz asked him to leave so that she could patch up her relationship with her ex-boyfriend. The problem is that he still didn't have a job and he'd shot through all of his savings. He called up various friends and acquaintances to see if he could couch-surf for a while, but everyone kept turning him down.

He eventually got rehired at the bar part-time, but still wasn't making enough to move in anywhere on his own. He was too embarrassed to turn to Fiz again for help. And he didn't know where to turn.

In desperation, he stolen an old tent from a dumpster and he's now camped out at the park and living out of his suitcase.

He's making just enough money to feed himself and provide for some of the basics. He's keeping up appearances by laundering up at the community rec center and in public bathrooms.

The actor who plays Sean, Anthony Cotton, has indicated that he's known about this story direction for a while. He's been patterning himself after a real-life friend who also struggled with housing insecurity and homelessness.

Cotton also reminded viewers that most of us are about two paychecks away from homelessness. Sadly, I witness this truth too much in my day job as a social worker. I've seen people at their worst -- and it really terrifies me sometimes. I work extra jobs elsewhere just so that I can sock away more money in my saving account and in other retirement accounts. Even then, it's way too easy for me to freak out if I think too much about what could happen if I lost my job, or if I became disabled.

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